This Is How It Stops!

This is how it stops.


One father or mother stands up … says “Enough!” … and then takes them to court. Then another does the same. And another.

Once other taxpayers see their hard earned school dollars going to pay settlements for such stupidity, well, it’ll stop. And perhaps those angry taxpayers can sue these school leaders for breach of responsibilities and dereliction of duties … and have them removed.

This entire episode is outrageous …. the troubling excuse that 12 year olds have such a deep conscience … and are capable of taking such a dramatic stand … and they cannot be stopped by adults. How blatantly stoooopid.

This “walk-out” stuff is just the latest indication that public education has slipped off the rails. Forsaken its mission.

This lady lied.

The Left is given to the hyperbolic. And they always … always … and I mean ALWAYS … jump the shark and take some event or issue or debate to the next level of absurdity. And they drag us into the ludicrous … the loony.

But worst of all … the ultimate discourtesy … is that they expect us to buy into their crap-nonsense and their liberal incoherence. That is the penultimate display of scorn.

For God’s sake … fight back.

Denis Ian


More …

And more …

And still more …


Gulag High School

There’s a reason why “Animal Farm” endures …


It seems that student walk-outs are very excellent displays of teenage wisdom and activism … IF the cause meets certain liberal standards.

High school history teacher Julianne Benzel wondered … out loud … to her students … during class … “if protests of a different sort would receive the support of the school administration.”


And she asked her suddenly wisened and enlightened teenagers “if it was appropriate for the school to have been providing support for a politically motivated protest, and if such support would be there for other causes” … such as abortion.

Two students … and a lone parent … were “triggered” by her supposedly edgy bit of teaching …  bee lined it to the principal … and. …

Ms. Benzel was told to stay home.

Put on administrative leave. Benched.  Smacked down. Professionally embarrassed.

Because she dared to apply the logic of the recent walk-out to issues not-so-favored by the liberal posse that runs her school.

So down the slippery slope she went … bewildered as to why such questions were so verboten … so forbidden … so taboo.

And everyone knows why … because she didn’t toe the line … or fall in line. And smother her intellect.

If this is the “new” public education … well … something’s wrong, Very wrong.

And you should be very, very worried for this “Animal Farm” moment … because we’ve seen this before … in days not so long ago. And, yes … it can happen here. Just ask Julianne Benzel. Or Snowball.

So … a reminder … for us all… but for some more than others.


The Ten Commandments For Public Education

I. No school personnel has more regency over the education of a child than a mother or father.

II. Schools have no space for anyone unable to plug into their memory bank for recollections of their own childhood.

III. Schools should hold an educational exorcism … and run any indoctrinating madness from every classroom.

IV. Restore classroom integrity and demand the return of the unbiased teacher.

V. Teachers have no right to organize any child in any mission on their ideological behalf.

VI. There shall be no false testing gods.

VII. School leaders must adhere to a doctrine of common sense over all else.

VIII. Vow that there will be unserious joy in every day.

IX. Command that every adult commit to an oath that childhood will be honored and preserved.

X. Order that laughter and kindness hold as much importance as any learning objective.

It’s time for teachers to teach.

America wants their schools back.


Denis Ian

You’ve Been Played

“There’s nothing more we can say … THEY went there …
THEY rang the bell … it can’t be undone.” ~Cindy Curcio~

The recent National Walk-Out was staged political theatre … a  public abduction of America’s youth.

“It was savvy propaganda artists deliberately terrifying children by convincing them that they should be more afraid of going to school than of texting and driving as if the risks were actually reversed.” ~Anne LaValle

And so the liberal zealots raged on … claiming your public schools as their barracks … hostaging your children as ideological foot-soldiers in their progressive jihad to transform this nation into a social and political wreck that’s skidding into historical oblivion.

It was done in the schools you built … by the school leaders and teachers you pay … interrupting the education you expected … so they could protest the Constitution that protects us all from the sort of social and political tyranny that’s been inflicted on us by these misfits for a long while.


You’ve been played … and you know it.

Played by border nonsense and immigration idiocy … voter ID’s and travel bans … sanctuary nonsense … and sympathies for those who would kill us all.

Played by creepy bathroom edicts … gender goofiness … silly safe spaces … indoctrinating public schools … deceiving government agencies … poisoning colleges … and howling losers who want to cancel out your vote.

Played by nutty judges and their loony court rulings … by whacky politicians sermonizing about the evil of cutting taxes … and power-abusing civil servants who serve an ideology rather than serving you.

And where is the breaking point?  

I think it arrived … yesterday.

Denis Ian

So … You’re Okay With This?

So … what are you gonna do?

School assassin Nikolas Cruz was a problem student for years … but school officials and the local police white-washed his record … to make the schools appear safer.

Cops were called to his home 39 times for domestic disturbances … but this didn’t raise a red flag.

The FBI ignored online threats made by Cruz.

And students talked openly of his violent tendencies … but not a single school professional could see what they saw. Hmmm.

So …

The Parkland massacre has to be the fault of the Second Amendment. And the gun. Of course.


So …

Tens of thousands of students … recruited by left-wing groups … are being scooped up to protest the Second Amendment … because Nikolas Cruz was never confronted about his violent impulses by school authorities … OR the police … OR the FBI … OR school guidance professionals. So … it’s gotta be the gun’s fault. For sure.

So …

School leaders will suspend their professional mission and goad students to demand a murky indictment of the Second Amendment … which killed those students and teachers at that Florida school.  Right. The amendment did it.


So …

Your children will be drafted and deputized by the Anti-Second Amendment zealots to protest … probably without your permission … a constitutional amendment that you just might support.  Oh, oh!



So …

Since when were your public schools permissioned … by you … to allow your children to be sucked into these partisan political demonstrations? And what choices were you offered other than running with the herd? None, I bet.

So …

Your sons and daughters find themselves in the stressing circumstance of having to fall in with the mob … or stand up for their beliefs … with zero school support. And this is acceptable? This is sound education?


So …

Willing and not-so-willing students will be herded together to do the bidding of constitution-hating extremists … in their latest attempt to tear this nation from its historical foundation …

So they can proceed with the promised transformation of America into another sniveling, groveling, toady country …  just like their wimp-ass Euro-cousins  … who are about to be overwhelmed by medieval Muslims welcomed by their multicultural madness.

And you’re on board?




You’re being chest-poked … again.  And pushed around by school leaders and social justice schizoids … again. And your children are being hamster-wheeled by radicals … again.  And they see nothing wrong with usurping your authority as parents … again … and drafting your sons and daughters into their jihad against America … again.

So …

You’re okay with this?

Denis Ian

Kiss Your Country Good-Bye

Kiss your country good-bye.

It’s broken. And it’s gonna get a lot more broken.

Liberal-progressives are hijacking your country, kidnapping your children, ignoring your laws, and plundering your public treasuries to see their ideologies installed despite the will of the voting public.


Liberal cities and states across the nation have declared their semi-independence  from the United States of America. They are only part-time members of this union … only occasional participants in this political enterprise known as America.

Some cities and states now claim an absolute right to ignore laws and policies that run counter to their liberal-progressive dogma. They arrogantly insist they have unique rights that supersede the federal government … even if they endanger their fellow citizens.


San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, and Baltimore consider themselves as semi-independent city-states free to ignore federal statutes and jurisdictions. California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon take great pride in defying the authority of the federal government.

One hundred and fifty years ago this sort of madness caused a civil war. 

The latest liberal lunacy  has gurgled over in the unhealthy city of Baltimore. The city fathers … and mothers … have decided … all on their own …

  • to spend lots of public dollars LOTS of public dollars to gather up 3,000 public school students …
  • to yank them from their class, outfit them in free sloganed t-shirts, and provide them with free bag lunches … so they can be bussed … free of charge … to Washington,DC … 
  • to participate in a rally to take away your freedoms under the Second Amendment.

And they’ll be joined by thousands and thousands of other high schoolers let loose by liberal school administrators who want to disarm law-abiding citizens for sins committed by their sloppy school policies and their inept management … that led to the deaths of students … by other students … under their over-sight.

Perhaps you should read that last paragraph one more time … just to get the full flavor of liberal hypocrisy.

In others words, they screwed up … and  you get screwed over. That’s how liberalism works.

Parents, your children are now being drafted  as Anti-Second Amendment foot-soldiers …

to march on behalf of liberals … to help cover up their incompetency as school leaders … and you’re okay with this?

Are you? Really?

And when did you permission the schools YOU PAY FOR to morph into protesting institutions at-the-ready for liberal zealots? Did you okay this? Are you okay with this? And what are you going to do about it?

Not in your school? You sure? Check here

There is no end in sight to this madness … each day brings a new level of idiocy. They will not stop until they are politically neutered … or pounded down in a civil war.

These are unpretty times.

Denis Ian and Michelle Moore 

Time’s Almost Up…

Kiss your country good-bye.



What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It seems things are gettin’ extra-goofy here in the ol’ Milky Way …

And then there’s that moment when you know the world has slipped its orbit …

and is spinning toward the open arms of Rod Serling … for repotting in The Twilight Zone.

Enduring his Oscar snub as the World’s Most Caring Human Being …. Iran’s Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei … more modestly known as the  Supreme Leader … is now lecturing the United States on …  are you ready? …. gun control.

No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America. What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal …”


Send that man a pussy hat!

You read that right … Iran thinks we’re barbaric … and … um … we should get with the rest of the world … and blow up the 2nd Amendment.

And Mister Supreme Leader has lots of Americans nodding his way … Bill Maher, Michael Moore, a few thousand Florida teenagers … and Miss Barbara Streisand … the Warbler Queen of the Left.


So … the world’s most prolific sponsor of car bombings, suicide bombers, and Christian executions wants us to lay down our arms … and fall into his arms … and show some civility.


What could possibly go wrong?

Denis Ian

Clap … With One Hand

Does any profession pat themselves on the back more than these over-inflated brag-bags?

And from their televised perch they’ll wag fingers at us about our politics and values … all the while ignoring some of the great perverts of all time who run in their circle.

They are absolutely allergic to any introspection at all because … well … that sort of thoughtfulness would have to come from within … and they’re not capable of that.

They’re over-paid Pinocchios … stage and screen fantoccini who spit the words of others.


Glorified fakers. Counterfeit personalities. Paid impersonators. Professional imposters.

And yet they smug us … and belittle our conscience, dump on our ethics, bad-mouth our morals, scorn our mores … and blister our common sense.

They work in the universe of fiction and live in a sugared world far away from the reality of those who supply them their wealth.

But that doesn’t restrain at all.

So tune in tonight and and be lectured on the 2nd Amendment … which will take the spotlight off the pervs and other miscreants. And wait for the inevitable asses to open their lieholes and cuss out your president.

But also be prepared to be sermonized about the gender-confused, law-breaking dreamers, over examined Muslims, ruthless tax cuts, sanctuary martyrs, and open-border pleaders.

And be sure to clap … with one hand.

Denis Ian