Technological Opium Dens

Our entire universe is probably in a tiny glass jar somewhere, placed on a shelf in some alien child’s room as a science fair project that got a C minus …”


Leave it up to a meme … the new technological bumper-sticker … to tutor us about our probable insignificance and immaturity.

It’s smart to be reminded of how dumb we are.

It seems we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Chugging down this technological speedway … and some of the most fragile passengers haven’t any seat belts at all.

At the moment “… it’s hard to know how many of us in this perpetually plugged-in society have a serious problem.”

Well, at least that’s a start. But that hasn’t slowed us down one bit.


We’re outfitting kids with technological gizmos we don’t even understand . Giving them super-powerful thingamajigs we think of as toys. But they’re not toys at all.

Our homes are rigged like technological opium dens. High-tech paraphernalia everywhere, doing everything. We command it all by voice or touch. And it conveniences our lives. A point-and-click existence pre-programmed almost thoughtlessly.

And therein lies the danger.

Kids are famous for finding new uses for usual things. They turn pots into drums, dogs into horses, and curtains into capes. Why shouldn’t they do the same with these whatchamacallits? Why wouldn’t they partner them with their own imaginations?

But are they mature enough for all of this? Ripened enough to slot it into their lives as it should be? Lots doubt that … and our own experience makes us doubt it, too.

Some professionals are candid with parents … “I tell them, you’re the drug dealer … You need to understand what you’re modeling to this child.” And parents nod … and agree … and then okay the latest smart-phone upgrade. For the whole family.

Hmmm … old advice for new sins … ignored again. Not much different than the teenage beer lecture while sipping a Martini.

And then there are the schools.


Teachers will soon function more like R2D2 … and file cabinets have been replaced with data dump-sites. Lessons are downloaded from some far-away curriculum depository. Quizzes, tests, and on-line involvements are assessed and clumped together to form digital student profiles of the “guinea pig generation”.

There are some who even want body language recorded and inspected for this or that. And others are now scanning lunch-trays for data crumbs.

And students … “kids” in real-life speak … are provided with finger-print access to a never-ending array of screen-challenges. Programmed adventures they’re sure to flip away from their intended purposes … because that’s what kids do.

But whether at home or at school, reality will be further blurred as these escapades morph into escapes … separating kids from the usual human experiences that round out a person.

Those interactions that grow a personality and refine a temperament and a personality.

They just might become that “Lost Generation” who will shrink the universe so that it does fit in the jar on the shelf … and then inflate their own significance way beyond reality. And that is an unhealthy place with scary consequences.

All of this should make for some especially uncute kids. And an unbeautiful society. A nightmarish cosmos of thumb-pressing Pavlovian proteges unable to break free from their absorbing screen-world.

We know the short-term effects. It’s the long-range outcomes that will transform this society into some freaky, asocial, anti-interactive collection of creepy adolescent gamers and cyborgs on their way to droidhood.

In the years ahead … as screen time increases and more gadgets appear at home and at school … it will presage a cultural change not many have envisaged carefully enough.

We’re largely flying blind because we’ve done so little research…” that “… it’s hard to know how many of us in this perpetually plugged-in society have a serious problem.” Oh, boy!

Homes will become isolated islands surrounded by technological moats. Unique will be the child who exhibits even the slightest social grace and poise. Owning a personality might become a status acquisition … likely nurtured by academies specializing in such mysteries as conversation, charm, and passable witticism.

And social status may be measured by one’s fearlessness in the face of large gatherings of people that might require dinner-speak, archaic table-manners, and synchronized choreography syncopated to live music … that dying art of “dancing” … which will be as rare as a meteor fly-by.

Perhaps we should S.O.S. Rod Serling and fetch him back from his Twilight Zone resting place … so he can script a less frightening climax than what now seems inevitable.

So the future is under construction … and too few actually understand what the hell will emerge. But it’s going to make some already old authors … think Huxley and Orwell … seem like a modern-day Nostradamuses.

In the meanwhile, double-think your own choices as we all hyper-speed through this queer age of progress. And forgive yourselves. Your parents once jostled your world with electric typewriters, princess phones, and blaring eight-track tapes … and you turned out alright. Didn’t you?

I so wanna be wrong about this. Real wrong.

Denis Ian



This Dark Side of the Internet is Costing Young People Their Jobs and Social Lives






And it’s been this way since man was tossed from Eden.

There are those who command others to do what they would never do themselves.

These are the elites who foam up in every society … no matter how egalitarian it’s all supposed to be. The ones who set down commandments … and then exempt themselves simply because they can.

They’re the know-it-alls who impose, foist, decree … and inflict. The obnoxious sorts who conjure up these imbecilic experiments which almost always go wrong … but who keep insisting that it’s all going very well.

And, of course, they’re too privileged to experience their own handiwork first-hand … that’s for others to endure.  So they are ever self-excused … while we are ever-ordealed.

This is a historical reality.

Study any nation, any civilization, any empire … and you‘ll see this slippery slope emerge. And it’s essential for us to be ever alert because … left uncorrected … the poison of privilege collapses every society.

This nation is need of repair … and a return to the principles that made it unique among all others.  Gropey celebrities, piggish politicians, and offended football millionaires are symptoms of a society diseased by elitism. Perhaps they should rejoin us in reality.

If Common Core was force-fed to the elites, it would be gone.

If legislated healthcare was required of the elites, it would be the most thoughtful bit of legislation ever.

If military conscription was required across the board, there would be more diplomacy and fewer wars.

Last year’s stunning election is finally coming into full focus. It was … in truth … a revolution masquerading as an election. It was a statement about elitism … and corruption … and poor behavior. And that trio always travels together.

It’s too easy to see those who have separated their existence from our own. Those who have declared themselves exempt from the realities that challenge the rest of us.  Those who think their position permits behaviors without consequence.

And that’s most obvious among the political class … the public “servants” who mostly serve themselves.

Michael Bohr … of “The Contemporary Insurgent”has been on this like white on rice … “there is a fundamental shift in the very foundations of American philosophy and governance.” 

Read that again.

That’s the reality that compelled that mother to author that Common Core meme. That unpleasant snapshot of 21st century America.

And Michael Bohr has more …

The Republican Party is as progressivist as the Democratic Party … The prevailing philosophy of the Progressivist is that Rights come from the State and the State can give, amend or remove those Rights on the mere whim of those in power who deem it is in the interest of “The State” to do so.”

And finally … this disturbing observation of today’s political reality …

There are a few differences in the type and policies of Progressivism exercised by the two prevailing parties … but make no mistake that they are both socialist and totalitarian in nature.” And elitist.

And that’s what’s in view now. That’s what’s become clear-clear. Both of these parties are one and the same.

Perhaps we should let these political elitists marry … so they can consummate their political incestuousness.

Then we can leave them all behind … and go about saving our country … and our children.

Because there is no time to waste. And elitists waste our time.

Denis Ian

The American Coup

America is under siege.

Liberal zealots and faux republicans will destroy the democratic pillars of this nation because this presidency threatens their political influence … and checks their social domination.

They are willing to sacrifice this nation in order to destroy Donald Trump.

This nation is in the midst of a cloaked coup d’état. A surreptitious Constitutional challenge from the Far Left and the entrenched Right. And as days pass, they become more reckless … less restrained … and more corrupt.

They threaten America.


It’s time time to be alarmed by a hard-core political class … elected and appointed … that has weaponized essential federal agencies. They’ve contorted the Constitution, broken laws, endangered national security … and polluted this nation with destructive  ideologies that could forever change the character of America.

They are a national danger.

We’ve suffered Anti-Fa clowns, genuflecting footballers, and BLM posers. Weathered college loons, pranky politicians, and a poisoned media. But this challenge … by powerful federal departments … defies the citizens of this nation.

Extremists seek to nullify an election … and invalidate your vote.

Annul your choice for president. 

And to that end, they’ve weaponized our government to see to their political designs.

They are traitors.

They have used the IRS to intimidate political opposition. Installed activist judges to defy legitimate presidential orders. Empowered the Department of Justice to ignore laws … and deny justice. And they have permissioned the CIA and the FBI to invent political intrigue in order to subvert an elected president.

They have sabotaged the Constitution of the United States.


It’s time to restore law and order, reestablish the principles of justice, and demand an apolitical federal bureaucracy.

This is the time to reinstate proper balance to the branches of government … and to renew the principles embodied in the Constitution.

This is the moment to remove cancerous figures who have broken laws, endangered America, and grown fat in government positions.

They are guilty of treason.


Denis Ian

GMO Children

There is no virtue in making children so brave that they might withstand the idiocy of adults.image2.png

If schools think education is all about testing …. they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child.

Remember that.

This testing madness has the tell-tale symptoms of a sick obsession … a creepy neurosis that screams of unhealthy. And now …  this testing takes many forms … and it’s part of nearly every school day.

Opting out of spring assessments is like passing out snorkels on the Titanic.

Competency based education is here … and that means nearly daily testing experiences for your children … and there’s no escaping it.

Pressure is a fact of life … and so are tests and assessments. But now … the pressure to perform is border-line child abuse. Too many youngsters … and their families …  are paying an disturbing price for this unhealthy obsession.

In some instances, we’re talking about children less than a hundred months old. Instead of marking exciting, new inches on door jambs, some egghead-theoreticians have determined that growth has but one measure … and that’s by tests.

Overly serious, overly consequential, overly emphasized tests.

How come?

These schools are populated by brand new people who are just as easily measured by months as they can be measured by years. All sprouting at different speeds … and acquiring all sorts of skills and talents in terribly uneven spurts because … because that’s how Mother Nature does things.

More and more, we’re treating these little learners like programmable spud-people … GMOs … “genetically modified organisms” in lab-speak. And too many schools have become educational petri dishes … and the little ones …  the abused lab rats.

And the most exhausting and crushing experiments of all involve testing.


Testing, I guess, is supposed to produce a bumper-crop of genetically identical kid-sprouts … each identical when measured and charted and graphed. Indistinguishable from one another … creepy duplicates of one another.

And that, I suppose, will make everyone extra-happy … and the educrats will approve of the homogenized results. And there will be algorithmic jubilation that the mystery of true scholarship has finally been unlocked.

Lawmakers will laurel themselves. Superintendents and principals will beat their chests. And classroom teachers will sigh of relief … and cease to agonize over their careers.

And the robotized, joyless crop of young learners will have met very important benchmarks and be prepared for … for what? More tests? More measures? Where does this take us?

Will we ever bother to discover the magic of these children?

Who can dance? Or sing? Tell stories? Or run like the wind?


How about the guitar pluckers or the piano bangers? And the kid who’s mad about science? Or the child who’s the unafraid performer?

What of the pint-sized historian who whittles Roman swords of balsa wood … and knows more of Caesar than anyone else in the building?

Doesn’t any of that count?

It should. It should counts lots.

Once upon a time, tests told teachers and parents how the sprout was sprouting … and what was needed to sprout some more. They weren’t used to punish or sanction or condemn. They were used to inform and direct and suggest.

When did did tests become the tape measures of success? The rudder of a child’s education? When did they become almighty?

Children don’t ripen on anyone’s schedule. They sprout at different speeds … the way Mother Nature intended. Some rush straight to ripe in no time at all. Others take their time.

But they all catch up … and stand side by side … and few remember the early sprouters or the tardy bloomers.

So why this great worry?

Why all the upset?

For what?

Why all this dread for itty-bitty people who’ve just mastered looping their own belts … and only recently cured themselves of putting their underpants on backwards?

And who thinks jittering teachers over this sort of nonsense makes them better at their craft? It doesn’t. It only tensions the atmosphere … and clouds learning with pointless anxiety.

Let the gardeners garden  … and let the seedlings grow as they will.  And remember … God never intended for all of them to be perfectly perfect at all of the same things … at the same moment.

Ease up.

They’ll ripen well enough … in spite of the neurotic insistence of disconnected theoreticians who think that genius is found on the nib of a No. 2 pencil.

Denis Ian










Liberals Murdered Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle had dreams, too.

But liberals murdered her.


They orchestrated that tragedy … set it all in motion … because they prized their ideology more than they valued her life. And they are without regret … or remorse … because liberals are never wrong.

So a daughter is dead because arrogant liberals provided sanctuary for a seven-time felon … who was deported five times. They protected a drug dealer … but sacrificed Kate Steinle so they could preserve their image as cultural antagonists.



And this is not the first time.

Nor will it be the last.

These pious elitists have devalued this society.

They’re the real-deal fascists. The totalitarians.

The intransigent overlords of modern America.

And they are the most malicious force in this society.

They champion what ever will shame us … or endanger us … or damn us. They’ve declared America the plague of the planet … and they our only saviors.

They mock the American family … insult their values … and denigrate their faith. They choose identity over merit, feelings over facts, and opinions over the truth.

They laugh at indecency, defy the laws of nature, and embrace deviancy. They promote pornography as art … coarsen our lives … and insist that crude is cool.

They are biased, prejudiced, and partisan … and quick to rage when their own inconsistencies find them in contempt of the truth.

They command that we think this and say that, … and care what they care about. Liberals declare their perspective singular in its perfection … and those who see matters differently must be of lesser intellect.

They praise tolerance but practice bigotry. Champion diversity but demand orthodoxy. And they have a special reverence for every culture but their own.

They abhor self-discipline but demand strict obedience. They belittle honor and distinction … but wink at depravity and perversion. They have become culturally numb.


 American liberals are now contrarian clowns marooned in make-believe relevance.

Their time is done.


Denis Ian & Michelle Moore

Cognitive Privilege … Excuse de Jour

Here we go again. Progressive-liberal nonsense de jour.

Remember this Obama thud? … “… if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.”

That sort of garbage logic is still around … polluting circumstances of all sorts … excusing ne’er-do-wells and the profoundly lazy from any kind of responsible acceptance of their own failings.

An oratorical lurch to justify favoring some over others … excusing some and not others.

Excuses. Excuses. And more excuses.

Now it seems some Asian-American parents have decided to challenge the so-called “level playing field” … that disturbing practice of overly-favoring the less talented over the more successful.

That justification for lowering standards for some, while raising them for others so that in some situations … in this case college admissions … it looks more like “the world of diversity” some insist must be created on campus.

So, are you ready for this?

There now exists … sit down! …

“Cognitive privilege”.
Did you get that?
“Cognitive privilege”.

The argued point that some of us are simply born with these excelling qualities.

That some virtues are congenital. Innate. Intrinsic.

And others … well …. others are not so blessed. Cheated. Disadvantaged.

That some are born into such extraordinary circumstances that success is … unavoidable. Inevitable for some … but not for others.


This is the sort of crap we have endured because some societal engineers refuse to acknowledge the natural unevenness of talent in the human race … and the human variables of our existence.

They’d rather ignore obvious realities than admit to themselves … and to the not-so-achieving … that there are some among us who own a special sort of ambition to excel. And that there are also some who are only vaguely familiar with such ambitions. And lots who are downright allergic to aspirations of any sort.

And it seems true that some talents might be God-given … or at least somewhat unexplainable … and imbued in some and not others. Perhaps singing talent … maybe artistic talents … or even simple physical advantages for certain sports.

But even with those gifts there still remains a need for ambition … a drive to excel … to develop those gifts. And that demands hard work. Discipline. Self-command.

But the progressive propagandists would rather drag everyone down to a sub-par standard than have anyone labeled as excellent. Or superior. Or distinguished. image

Because that would wound some of the less gifted. The ones without ambition or drive. And that bit of reality shouldn’t ever exist. It’s too harsh. Too real. Too paralyzing and too traumatic.

And this is all guarded by the guilting shadow of political correctness which prevents those who see the obvious absurdity from speaking up … and championing excellence and merit.

And so those who brought us such crap-nonsense as “white privilege” and “grammar discrimination” and the “reading disadvantaged” will undoubtedly continue on this asinine path and voodoo up even more nonsense to explain away the real human condition.

These are the kinds of unspotlighted issues that were, in fact, part of the presidential election last fall. And they have not been resolved.

In fact, the progressive left seems more insisting than ever that any contact with reality must be mattressed with a feathered bed of excuses.

America is not buying this crap anymore.


Denis Ian
h/t Michelle Moore & Tina Terry

The Gov’s Father – Family Dynasty

Confidence is a nice suit. Arrogance is the same suit … with suspenders, Italian loafers, and gold cuff links.”

Meet Andrew Cuomo. Governor of New York.

Well tailored in arrogance.

Not quite content with a modest marker for his father’s grave, he’s decided on a three mile long masterwork … across the Hudson River … which might yet be renamed the Rubicon if this political nonsense continues.

Cuomo the Lesser is  offended that New Yorkers are offended by this publicly-funded, family memorial … to which they’ll be mortgaged to for the rest of their mortal lives.

And that, dear plebeians, is a tell-tale symptom of congestive arrogance.


This public tempest has more than pricked the dutiful son … and now he’s full of snit.

Irritated. Galled.

Peeved that some taxpaying peons of the Empire State find corrupt intrigue in this imperial monument to Il Papà.

After all … the loyal-royal son reasons … it’s just a three mile long bridge, for goodness sakes. It’s not like a movie trilogy.

So now we have “The Displeased” to keep company with “The Deplorables” … and more than 100,000 of them have signed an angry petition to preserve the original name … “The Tappan Zee” … and deny Il Duce the chance to immortalize the Cuomo family name … as he positions himself for a White House run. 

“It’s a brand new bridge,” insists the Governor. “It deserved a new name … there’s nobody who could say (Mario Cuomo) wasn’t a man of quality …”

Is that an offer we shouldn’t refuse?

So I guess this is where the soundtrack kicks in … and Andrew stuffs cotton balls in his jowls … and does the Marlon mumble.

“I believe it’s mean … I believe it’s vindictive … personally hurtful.”

That’s a biga plate a vendetta parmigiana … with a bowla cold revenge, si?

Mamma mia! Can you hear those violin cases snappin’ open?!?!

NO! NO! NO! … mi raccomando!

Everyday New Yorkers think it’s impolitic. Injudicious. And freakin’ ballsy. They’re sick of narcissistic public servants who are quick to serve themselves … like this disturbing determination to rushmore Mario Cuomo into dubious immortality.


What’s wrong with a new playground? A municipal garage? How about a bus stop or perhaps a pond in the woods? Does it have to be a THREE MILE LONG BRIDGE? Isn’t that a bit Caesarian?

But Il Duce demands that we like it … because it’s his father … il capo della famiglia … The Govfather.


You have an extreme conservative group that’s running a campaign against my father’s name …”

And you can almost hear him seethe …

“… don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again.”

Remember …  you don’t wanna swim with the fishes under that bridge.

Leave the petition. Take the cannoli.

Denisimo Iannucci